Yea..I'm back!!


I'm back and just happened to check my task-of-the-day. It seems the analyst is yet to amend the problems I lodged earlier last week, which means it's photo-uploading time!! Hehe..I'm currently transferring the pictures from my laptop to this no-personal-content company's PC so I could upload them here and there.

First time flying huh? It's not as bad as i think of it. No puking-sensation deep down my stomach, spinning airplane or a moment of stepping on the person next to you desperately looking for a paperbag for my vessel of mixed, assorted vommit. The flight is fantastic. I managed to get the window seat during the flight to Singapore. The blue skies and the clouds, I wonder whether I can hop and roll all day long and have a nice nap with those fluffy cloud-pillow. What a dream~~

pic : The in-flight entertainment which suddenly crashed after I tried to watch a one of the movie. Thank god it's only 15 minutes more to land. Owkh..the right one - Just arrived at about 1 a.m...chilling though.

Metro Hotel - Canning HY welcomed our companion with it's brisk cold arms. I just walked straight to my room and had an-hour hot shower before I went to bed. Hahaha!!
Top pic : In front of the hotel.
Bottom pic : The Fremantle port where we had our claimed-to-be-the best fish n chips But it really was nice..nyummy

Top Pic : Helping the fisherman after lunch..
Bottom Pic : Pose with my colleague and my best bud Le-Bron James reborn. Dunk it mate!!

Top Pic : Opposite Fremantle flea market. Well, Perth for's quite expensive. It's the same price for same stuff in Malaysia, or maybe even more expensive at it's own currency. Senang citer..sini t-shirt 10 inggit..sana 10 AUD..amik kau!!
Bottom Pic : Kings Park and Botanic garden. Place where u can baring2 guling like the hindi couples..

Top Pic : Let's buy the so-expensive Macadamia nut. I bought 2 flavours, cost me AUD20..beli kacang 60 hengget beb!! bila lagi nk membazirrr dgn borosnyaaa
Bottom Pic : Madura Habour. We had a cruise trip along the canals..looing at the rich's holiday houses worth millions dollar...The Simmo's ice creams are nice!!

Top Pic : In front of the Swan Bell. We had our lunch next to it
Bottom Pic : Meeting with the Koala..comey..kawaaiiiiiiii..rasa nk peluk2 guling..but this marsupial sleeps 20 hours a day..hua hua!! Guess if there's a post of Koala in my office I would gladly volunteer!!

Top Pic : Another Australia's icon. The roos. They are cuter when they jump
Bottom Pic : These are other icons of the Ausie!! Hua HUa..The winery estate.

Top Pic : Goodbye-Perth pose. The fantabulous four..The fantastic four might be threatened by us or they might tease us as the fabulous gays due to no girl member..=p
Bottom Pic :Runaway from the guard after we accidentally whacked one of the guard on his head while we were playing catch-me-if-u-can in the airport of the nut-who-disregard-it's-shell country!!

Left pic : Lone ranger waiting for his horse, black-saber
Right Pic : time to say goodbye to the travel agent

Quite a lot i learn from this trip. There are some vast difference between Perth and Malaysia.

1) Of course their river and lake..damn beautiful..the places are well preserved for the green and nature

2) No kapcai..or rempit. U can only see one superbike averagely after 1 hour of journey on Perth's road. Tiada masalah mat rempit

3) THe shops close at 7p.m - No one lurking around so much after 7. Only friday night, most of them go to the pub!!

4) Again..the price is the same as us..or more expensive..and at their own currency!! 500ml coca-cola are sold at AUD3.00..that almos RM9!! HUwa HUwa!!