Spending the weekend 2


A planned vacation mentioned in the previous entry could be defined as a total failure..=[. After a week of SMSing my friends and gave them rang, most of them didn't make it due to their own reasons. It was planned on Sunday. At the end of the plan, just Cembam and I, with Fariz and Hawa..dah jadi jaln2 kapel plak.

Nora - given an emergency case to examine the spoiled milk occured in some schools
Iza - ran her car errands
Ajak - his job. Getting informations and articles for TV9
Anip - His wife was working that day
Irmantaha - Treasure Hunt at Kelantan ke Ganu
Omar - balik kampung
Liz - joined us till she decided to backed off when there's only us. "taknak kacau korg kapel2..nk gi karaoke"
Intan Azmira -jauh sangat. sapa nk jaga baby and baba..=p

So..it's just us. Sungai Congkak. If I were to compare Sg. Congkak and Gabai. I'll definitely recommend u Gabai. It's worth clambering all ur way up when it's deep enough for u to dip ur body and there's a place where u can slide down with fellow friends. Gabai is way better. And here are some pics taken;

Who else. Us. Wawa bought those shirts from her curricular camp at Pangkor the other day

Fariz and I having fun. Berdua lebih baik kan...

Aksi agak poyo with my usual sungai-swim suit..This Ramadhan..I would be far skinner..might loss up to 5 kg duh.

It would be nice to have a new ramadhan experience with my new job here and a new environment. We were asked to start at 8 a.m till 4 p.m. I think i'll take that..hehe.. Last year, I had my fast-break at TTDi mosque. save gileerrrr. The fast-break is my sahur..or sahur will be my fast-break..either both. A glass of Milo, or any drinks..bun?Taufa? Then time for terawih if rajin..

After terawih will be my proper 'buhur'..(buka+sahur). Hehe..that explains how I would loss 5kg in Ramadhan. Let's prepare for the upcoming Ramadhan. May all of us try to embrace it by grasping the real meaning of starvation and taqwa..amiiiinnn


Teringat lak s.thing. Balik dr sg. congkak, we went to see Iza and Qhad at Mid valley then drove hawa home. We had our dinner at seksyen 23 near hawa's house. Very cheap..ayam goreng kunyit yg besanya Rm3.50..kat situ Rm2.50 je. The restaurant is exclusive though..huge. But in the time of increasing price, there's still a restaurant which gives u a nice and cheap price..nice..
Tp yg bestnya..masa tunggu order smpi..kami tak tau nk watpe. So aku suggest main ABC!! Nama binatang!! Nama buah plak

A.B.C.D.E.F.G.H.I.J...Jagung!! Jambu!! Jagus!!

Woi..bukan gajus ke?!!! sambil ketawa riang..sapa last smpi 5 kali out!!

When is your last ABC game??=]