Spending the weekend 1


Back from hell'a weekend everyone?! Ohaiooooo!!! I came so late today. Woke up at 9.40 a.m (dude, I start at 9 a.m ok) !! Arrived at the office later at 10.20a.m..Wa rempit tak hengat. Then 'messenger'ing my TL asking for an apology for my lateness coz seriously I didn't mean to (eventhough I do come late always..but not this late).



Friday night to start, while waiting for Cembam as usual (hegeh tol bersiap.nga ha ha!!), my friend rang me asking if we could join them to watch Zoom IN with SPIDER that night at 8p.m, free pass. I'm not a fan of any singers or bands..but SPIDER is one of the coolest band in Malaysia - local band with their self-composed nice songs. I asked Cembam, she agreed..rather than doing nothing that night before driving her home...

First time watching kinda-concert like that really is nice. No drinks allowed (haus siut), no camera, even phonecamera allowed during the recording (my friend's has been confiscated that night). For 2 hours, Tam sang non-stop, energetically and wut-a-fuckin-show!! Even till the last song, he sang it just like the first song..the energy never fade out..

Saturday morning, I drove to Cembam's apartment (tottt!!Wrong answer. It's her dad's apartment) picked her up to accompany me. We were going to the PERKIFA ketuk-workshop (how do u say that in english?sis..help me). As u all know, the dents on my right front headlight on my car need to be fixed. It costs me RM30..cheap huh? I didn't ask for a re-paint..coz it will costs me RM150. Maybe next time. But the guys done it pretty well, the scratches have been illuminated as nice as possible. I also asked them to install the new signal light which i bought from the auto-parts shop for RM65, to replace the broken one.

That makes it almost RM100. Then we went to Mines, had had a very expensive lunch. Nasi campur costs us Rm7 each..mak oiii..Fried chicken and Kangkung goreng je nyah!! After burping a bit, we watched Ratatouille..Nice one. But in real-life, of course I won't eat anything cooked by thousands of rats would I?

Well, that's for saturday. Stop here first before any of u just click the 'close' icon or navigated to other page before u didn't even finished my last sentence..=]

p/s : appreciate all ur supports guys!!
Another p/s : I'm skipping my lunch right now..bayar utang sejam lambat tauuu..