O mi God

The 'dendang perantau' ringtone beseechingly asked me to wake up from my deep sleep for sahur. Cembam whom obediently and never fails to ring me up for sahur can be heard on the other end of the line. If it's just my own effort, for sure the intention of having a 'sahur' would be thwarted by all those dreams.

I bought a sandwich bread last nite for my night snack and sahur. I made myself a tea, not really a tea. Habbatus Sauda'. Ever heard of that. Most of u have huh? I just got smacked on my face by a new, how can i call it,emmm..financial situation. My sis rang me to inform that the car insurance (the one i continue to pay as my own after her new vios. remember?) will be expired this coming october. 6th if I'm not mistaken. This is the first time I need to think about car insurance which i'm not so swizz about it.

The reduction of the insurance fee of the car after years paying it (what they call it?) has been transfered to my sis' new vios to get a lower fee for her insurance. Hence, my car's (technically) insurance is now set to a price of a first insurance fee, which will costs me around RM660. Plus the monthly installment Rm478, resulting a great figure, RM1100++. AAaahhhh!! And to make things worse, the Raya is coming!! It left me only RM600 from my paycheck.

The house rent - Rm100. Ok..means I only have net RM500 for Hari Raya and the whole month of October. That's just fantastic!! So all the plan of giving my nieces, nephews and my siblings duit raya is now tarnished~~~

Hmm..never mind. There's a lot more people out there whom just have enough money to buy food for hari raya. Those poor people who couldn't afford to buy anything or eat anything a bit more special during hari raya...I'm grateful still then. This brusque financial situation might be a real meaning for my fasting..=].

Today is supposed to be the sign-off day for our beh-luveeed One Health project. Unfortunately the issues are becoming more and more irritating, the management just wanna know that the project should be signed-off regardless all of the loathsome issues. Nevertheless, we still work it out as gleefully as we could. There's no use having a dull, tensed face doing ur job. It will just make things worse.
Btw, I've got my copy of the deathly Hollows..it's not a copy to tell u the truth. It's...a...printed version. Hahaha..My cembam got the e-book version, so I took granted the privillege to print free here..hehe!! I just on my 14th chapter. Hehe...

Biar berbunga2 semula hati utk menyambut raya dgn duit yg skit
(ini hasil curian sendiri ya..)