A need of vacation

Hik hik!! The hours passed by overwhelmed with a pure boredome as we were on the bench back in the office. Surfing, talking bout things, teasing, grab some drinks, having lunch and going for a pee. That's the things I've done so far today. It's kinda heaven in a way, but it'd be excellent even more if we could kick off earlier..right mate?!

I am planning a small vacation with some of my friends mostly from the secondary school. It's not that grand and the destination is just Port Dickson/Teluk Kemang. Well that's originally. BUt since everyone has their own agenda, matters to settle and so forth..Sg congkak comes as optional plan of it. One of them feel reluctants to drive a long way to P.D and got tanned. Another one needs to rush in from Sabak to join and another one, his newly wed wife is working this sunday. Ok..that really is something to sort out.

If none of them available, Cembam and I will still go for the vacation. The reason PD or the beach is chosen by me is because currently cembam is so sunburnt, not-that-fair anymore due to the Merdeka marching the other day. So I guess, while she's still 'black' y not we go to the beach?!

I'm also planning to make my first visit to the repair-shop for my kemek to be fixed. I don't wanna makes the art spreading all over the car before i fix it up. Just hope that two incident would be the last one ever happened.

Owkh..I also urgently need to replace my headlight cover..darn!! How much will it costs me yah?