Lousy driver ain't I

>> Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bloody idiot!!

I've told u about the incident where I scratched my car (technically my sis' car) during a very time-consuming-due-to-lack-of-exp reverse haven't I? Well, last night..another brute stupid incident happened just in front of my house which involved the medium size mango tree outside the gate.

Aaaaaaaa....I really am dumb and bengap enuff to hit the innocent terrified mango tree during a parking session in the middle of midnight. Argghhhhhh again!! I can't really estimate the gap or the distance between my car and the rest of other things around it. Sometimes I was too afraid hitting something which resulted a big gap between my car and the thing i afraid to hit..and sometimes too confident till i hit the thing which i afraid to hit!!

Now, there's two kemek on my left headlight and a broken headlight cover as a bonus. Ngaaa..I really need to find Brothers shop to buy the replacement. I'm damn sure my sis will ngomel again to me..huuu...sy budak baru blajar..amik duit tlg bayarkan rega cover headlight tu..


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