Howy mowy

Let's start the day with a flowery feelings in spite of what u are facing now or just now..traffic jam? workloads? sign-off due date? defects? or..nothing to do? Don't give a damn on it!! Just flourish ur inside everyday for a better view of life. That's the least thing u could do rather than screwing ur face, making a weird dont-disturb-me-moron!! face..=]. That will just makes u tensed a whole lot easier.

Our team are currently focus on re-testing again and again all the changes made, consulting the development team for any issues and try to make sure we could deliver things required for the sign-off today. But apparently, things become stucked when issues arose and the one who knows how to deal with it is working aboard in a different time zone. Brilliant!!

Another 2 weeks before Hari Raya. I was dealing with the insurance and road tax thingy and just happened to get a lower fee which is RM200 less than the previous one discussed with the CIMB KL agent yesterday. I don't really get it y there's a difference. Just hope everything would be fine and valid.

I'm gonna have my Iftar with my fellow ex-schoolmate. Might be joined by Ajack, Fariz and Nora. Me not so sure whether they come duet or solo.

Ok..need to go.defect to be re-tested, email to be sent and tau fa to be thawed. Byeee