Ok..before we start my is a very simple and nicely fit to those who doesn't have so much time to jog around ur small area, those who can't stand their own sweat or those who always wanted a flat stomach. P/S : This is not an offending entry. It's more towards share n love baby..

It doesn't need u to wear ur fancy tight pant with the sexy sport bra showing ur belly. It takes not more than 5 minutes before u sleep. Just lay down and raise both of ur leg straight like the first pic, and slowly put it down. Don't bend ur leg. That's it!! Simple huh?! It works more towards the area under ur navel. If u can't even do this and at the same time whining bout ur belly..u really are a pain in ur own ass..nga ha ha!!

Hmm..a lot happened this week and the past week of course. So many jokes to laughed about, gossips and issues being discussed. Just get an email from my TL saying that he can't give us permission to go home early anymore due to some toad-mouth started complaining or teasing him due to our early-kick-off most of the days. For my TL, there's no prob bout that as long as we manage to finished all the works in timely manner. Plus, if we don't have anything to do, where's the point 'tercongok' at our desk. Surfing? watch youtube, then the IT admin will send email not to do those. See? that's y we better leave for home earlier if nothing to do huh? Is not that we kicked-off one hour earlier..just 15 minutes kepowh la..

Goodbye Perth from the room mates!!

Newly wed. Congrats apart of all the challenges and difficulties awaiting in the future

Marlena's birthday..the center is the b'day girl

Hmm..more to come in the next entries. I'll put some pics which i might think interesting and have it's own story. Here's one of it... Caption competition. Give ur best creative idea to fill the caption and win urself a trip to europe!!! Yeahhhh...

p/s : "don't even think of it" and "that's mine nigger!!" are already taken. Think something else yah!!