Friday? I'm guilty...=[

Ok..I thought today is thursday untill I got an SMS from cembam last night to drive her to Bangi as usually I do on Friday.

I just returned back my friend's digital camera this morning. No more fancy snap-n-check-it-out for me then. I wonder when I would have my own. I was going to give her a souvenir from Perth, what else - keychain. But, my nature kicked-in, so I just forgot to place it in my bag. Nga ha ha ha!!

Hurmm..I did something bad last night.nope..arr..precisely said, Cembam found out something last nite which makes her feels so bad and cried till her last message to me last night. I didn't mean to hurt her. It has something to do with the things inside my laptop which I lent it to her since last monday.

I'm not sure whether I could be forgiven for that. It doesn't mean anything for me sincerely but, I forgot to consider what cembam might thinks of it when she discovered it. Well, it wasn't suppose to be discovered if the laptop is not lent to her in a first place. For me, if I was up to something, I would never lend the laptop to her wouldn't I? But..yeahh..I know..I have to consider her feelings as well.

Huu~~. Guess I need to do something this evening so she could forgive me and we'll be a happy couple again. Wish me luck yaa...all of U..=[