I've posted a very simple yet efficient workout for your belly to whom it may concerns.However, this simple exercise hardly done by you isn't it? Some of you especially the guys seems to underestimate how it can affect ur tummy to a shape u desire. Ok then, we aren't gonna be human if we are satisfied so easily are we?

Alright then. To those who owns a dumbell at your home. Or your own personal mini-gym, I can share another workout which u can utilise ur dumbell for your ab-work and tummy shaping. See those pictures below? All u need to do is to install all the weights u have so that ur dumbell is as heavy as it could be. The heavier ur dumbell, the greater the result would be.

1. How u hold your dumbell from a front-look
2. How u hold ur dumbell from ur side-look
3. Sway it slowly with ur straight hand as high as u could and back to the 1st position
4. Lift it up as high as u could and back to ur first position

Just hold end to end of ur dumbell on your back. Just straight ur hand and stand straight. Then lift it the way the pic shows and sway it back to ur first position slowly (picture 3). U can feel ur ab vibrating while u lift it down to the first position. Do as much as u could. And i'll guarantee the result would be a nice paxs that u want.

U can also try the 2nd way from the pic. Lift it as high as u could like the 4th picture. But this kind of exercise will reflect more towards ur biceps. But ur ab will still get effected even it's not as much as the 3rd picture's swaying way.

Of course it's not gonna be that easy. U need to do as many times as u could. If u want an easier way, get a cleavage and cut ur own tummy till it's flat enough..puh-leasee..evertyhing needs an effort and determination.

U dont need reasons like 'I need a decent gym to workout', 'I need to diet and just eat veggies', 'I need time..I'm so busy'. There are various way to workout for someone as lazy as you, and as me. But still not every type of body can get the shape they want...that's kinda nature thingy..But u know ur body best (or some might think they know, but actually doesn't). What u do after you eat is way more important then what u take for ur meal..that's my opinion.

Don't just complaining all the times. I've shared the easiest and the macho way haven't I?