Huwaaa!! Hi!! How's ur weekend? Sleep like a rock for the whole day and woke up just to realize it's only 15 minutes to go for your fast-break? Wow..that really is some achievement. Getting back to work in Monday surely overwhelmed with laziness, sleepiness and god!-who-knows-else feelings. Again, I came late...

I managed to meet my sister which is studying in UPM. I had not give her the souvenir I bought for her back then, so meeting her on Saturday and pau her to treat me for fast-break would be considered give n take I suppose. I brought Najwa along coz she mentioned nak ikut. Luckily both Cembam and my sis have no problem spending time together..definitely fine with me.

Well, they get along pretty nice. They can chat like friends..that's nice. And now my sis knows that I would never treat differently between my gf and my siblings. U know that now don't U sis?? Hehe..We just had our fast-break at the Mines after a depressing window shopping at South City Plaza. It's more like china-mall, with the chinese song competition and all those chinese stuffs on sale. No offence. But, no wonder it's so not happening there. Even the POPULAR bookstore is far from nice. Duh~~

We ended up buying a capal for my dad. Actually my sis bought it for him. I have my own part for this upcoming raya.Huhu~~.

Sunday, the housemate window shopping!! My housemates and I went to Jusco cheras selatan. Huge from outside but the same feeling inside like our equine park Jusco. The parking system is a trash. Then we went to Alamanda and had a fast-break at SOHO restaurant, located around Bangi Lama area..think so.

I'm looking forward to buy a new book from Marian Keyes ;

I'm almost finished all the books i got from my birthday. Just one book left, Sue MOnk Kidd - The Secret Life of Bees. This new marian keyes book catches my fancy. Her writing is wonderful and hillarious. The exaggeration of the story mood and situations makes her a great writer from my point of view. I just finished one of hers : Another Side of the Story - about writers''s the path to be a bestseller..something like that.

i might buy the J.R Tolkein book - The child of Hurin. But the hardcover edition is a bit expensive. Gonna wait the paperback edition. Owkh..I still don't get my last chapter of Harry Potter yet. Still looking for the Rm70 one..huuuu~~~