Sitting at my desk looking at the screen before me which so far causing my eyes damage which sometimes makes me reckon myself that I 'm gonna be a far-sighted person in no time. When the air-cond tortures u with it's chilling n freezing breeze ur hands might get numb till u put them under your lap for the whole day - anyone cares to lend me your gloves?

It's the 7th day of fasting yes? It's not that challenging for me to begin with..I mean, not eating for the whole day..nahhh..not a whole day, just around 13 hours right? That's why Ramadhan is not just about not eating anything for around 13 hours. Coz that would be extremely easy..(I wonder why so many people don't fast and proudly eating in front of people). Maybe a lightning struck while eating or, swallowed half body by the earth or get burnt on their stomach with a black burnt-like scar on it would be appropriate kind of punishment for them.

But again..Allah is merciful.

I'm gonna have my fast-break later at Lemon Garden, Shangrilla Hotel. Hehehe..just starting to imagine the foods, the drinks..nyummy..Not that I'm gonna get the oppurtunity to eat something luxurious with my own money no? Hence, when there's an invitation, joining it won't do harm would it? Yaa..I know..most of u will said, "how about ur terawih?!. U skip ur terawih just because a fast-break at Lemon Garden?!" Well, terawih is a sunnah isn't it. It's not a sin to skip yes? And another thing, doesn't mean by going to the fast-break, I will not gonna perform my terawih. u can always do it alone..but still, the probability is so low..after bloated with all those foods.

Huh..y do I feel that i'm just writing a crap?..Huh..nevermind~~~