Rush Hour 3

I watched 'Rush Hour 3' last nite with my usual partner..kiki. When the counter-guy answered to my question that the movie duration is 1 and half hour, I said 'damn'. The ticket price has been increased for yesterday (as far as I know) to 12 ringgit when it's only not-2-hour-movie. I think that's a bit of cheating y'all. But, as nothing to do and we both fed-up to face each other for the next 2 hours, we decided to continue with our intention for the day.

The story is great!! In term of comedy. What do you expect from it?It is an action-comedy film y'all especially that 'bikin heboh' Chris Tucker starring. As expected, the story line is simple yet the way it is filmed make it interesting. It always funny everytime Chris Tucker started to mess up things while Jacky try to always be cool. Tucker really is damn funny.

Jacky still great with his stunt even in his age. His move still sharp eventhough the fighting is not as much as his other film. Every minute of the film is interesting..either in term of humor or action. And the best part is after the film ended, don't leave ur seat yet guys. There will be some of their candid shots..the forgotten-script shot. It's damn funny when Jacky always said seafood instead of secret service for his script.

"I know secret..I know seafood..see..But when secret service come together, it becomes seafood!!"

The director also taught him all the porn words which Jackie doesn't even fully understand bout it and he just follow them..Hahaha!! I recommend y'all to watch..