A quite long lost friend


Monday morning today means unusual traffic jam around KL city area. From what I recall, there would be less cars whenever I woke up around 9 plus (again, my office hour starts at 9..=]) and kicked off late from home. Due to some merdeka celebration rehearsal at some of the venues like Dataran Merdeka, some of the main road have been closed and resulting a very nice beeline along the roads.

I wasn't affected anyway. Last night I met with one of my friend whom I haven't meet for almost 3-4 years. Well, after my Nokia 6610 decided to commit suicide by jumping off from my jacket pocket when I was riding towards KL after raya, most of the numbers were dragged along with it. I just met her father couple of weeks before and started to ask bout her. well, his father did give me her number but it's the one u will get answered by the operator.

Yesterday, while I was driving home from meeting my sis to pick up some rozelle cordials requeste by my colleagues, she SMSed me asking for a favor to have a look at her laptop which apparently remains pitch black after numerous time of switching-on-while-cursing. Yup..I only had a look coz I don't know how to fix it either.

Seeing her last night, reminds me that I didn't even remember how's her voice sounds. Yaa..that long. Since her parents moved to the city to live with them, I haven't see her even during Hari Raya. And i didn't recall she's full of sense of humor. We have quite a long chat about what had happened, about what she has missed and what I've missed. The problem is, she doesn't want anyone to know bout her or even her number, but she felt quite alienated when the reunions were held without her. Ok? someone explains to me how I can deal with this kind of person. The last time we asked her to join us for bara'an was when we waited her for an hour at Bangunan Umno Pekan Sabak before she arrived and say nothing equals to sorry. Since that ocassion, everytime her name mentioned during bara'an..someone will said something like 'we not gonna wait her anymore man..'. Ahahaha!!

One thing I remember and never change on her - she always bluffing..haha!!Damn. She seriously told me about one of our friend, suzilawati whom long married. As far as I recalled, her parents' home is in my neighbourhood and there's never been any news about her wedding kenduri which impossibly missed by any of the villagers there. She said, it was just a bluff when we were about to leave. Huu~~ that never changes huh?

But, it's quite a relief to see her back coz I've dreamt of her several times but couldn't contact her due to no one has her number or precisely said, someone has her number but has given an oath to not give it to anyone of us..anyone...nga ha ha!! Well, humans do have attitudes huh?