Musim Demam nan sayu

Huu~~~..It's been a very not-so-healthy days this week. I was contaminated with an irritating fever virus which blocking the oxygen to be inhaled freely from my cute nose with the attitude of 'I'm tired..i wanna go home'. It's bad ain't it when He stop one of His nikmat given to us and we started to curse Him..well, not me in this case.

I don't fell wanna see the Doc and pledge an MC from him/her. Tak sukee..I can heal fast (well depends on His permission) and mostly i don't need any medicine. But to get a full rest, U need and MC which will be granted by a clinic after u spent about 35 ringgit on them. Ceh..what a waste. I know la I can claim..but still I'm not into it.

Today, the workload for this week is nearly done. But actually we just started it yesterday. Due to the skill and knowledge of Elyani and I..(masuk bakul dalam lif pi top floor), we managed to cover it by the end of today if there's no defect holding it back. Well, there is..and Fiza will try to solve it by today..go Fiza!!

--Not really worry with the idung sumbat, I trust the power of ablution. U sniff (sniff ke?) the water through ur nose for sunnah and as well as the cure for the last flu was when I was studying during matriculation, that's 6 years ago...---

---Not really worry with the fever, it will be gone after a game or two of sepaktakraw..that's how i recuperate..hehe---