Let's get packed..yiehaaa!!

I just went out meeting with Nora last nite to claim her digital camera which I requested to borrow from her during the journey home together last 2 weeks. The happy news is Nora is now engaged with his going-to-kno-more-bout-him fiancee. I just feel happy for her even the only sad thing is her fiancee is not the boyfriend we used to hang around with. Family's choice.

It's not that Nora and her ex-bf, Jimmy didn't defend their love. But Jimmy is such a nice guy. He never wants Nora being a 'durhaka' daughter. Eventhough her parents did say that the decision is in her hands, but they also mentioned that they would be extremely happy if she can accept the proposal. Guess, if we just heard bout it, we can come out with many scenarios and suggestions on how to defend their love. But when it happens in ur own life, ur brain might get numb to handle the situations coz ur decision is affecting the one u love. Either ur couple, or your parents.

Nevertheless, everything goes nicely. Jimmy started to accept the fact that their love needs to be framed in one of his memory-album and new life w.out Nore needs to be managed. Same goes to Nora. So far, she's starting to get know of her fiancee deep within his heart and at the same time trying to forget about Jimmy and their love story. Forget might not quite the appropriate word for it. I dunno what is the most suitable word for it, coz u never forget your love right?

So, adiek..another update for U, and..Panca will be engaged next week and u remember Sari Intan Nor Diana from our Tekun class? She's next probably next year..or.maybe this year?still 4 months to go..nga ha ha ha ha!!

Tonight, time to pack. The only item in my checklist is my passport...hahaha!!