Desperate exchange-rate lookout

2 days left before my first experience of might-puking-all-the-way flight. Huu~~. A bit nervous though. All the workloads are nearly completed which crucially might determine whether Perth is a destination or it might just a dream. Any single mistake that might leads to uncomplete tasks wich will be sniffed out right away by our team manager would do a total chaos of the trip. Hence, we have smartly finished the jobs..right guys??

Now..the other thing which is totally new for me - money exchanged. Most of the guys have already exchanged their bucks to Ausie's by 2.83-2.87 rate. That's a good one. I've asked some of the moneychanger outlets about the rate and so far the lowest is 2.9. Owkh..that's not really a great deal huh?

Hmm..we might barge to Bangsar later after some of my colleagues mentioned that the rate was 2.85 this afternoon. huuuu~~..guys..start ur engine!!


Just came back from the rate-hunting. It seems so flowery at first when the macha said it was 2.85. But yet again, I clarified with him, "2.85 ah? we buy..?!"..and he nodded. The pursuit seems worth of the effort. After we've withdrawn the papers out and back to the macha. He said, "2.92 la..2.85 is the rate we buy". That really is gampang!! I clarified right?

But after thinking a bit, we decided to exchange it still. There's no point looking out the other place rumoured given a lower rate as 2.8+ at Mid Valley. It migh be worthless of the effort. So, AUD200 it is for 4 days. Just hope it would enough for the i come!! Just don't alleged me being a terrorist and held me under captive and ruin my one and only oversea holiday like the one happened before to bunch of guys from Malaysia.