Counting the days..and the money as well..=p

Huu..It's already 14th of August if it is counted from the day passed. But from the view of self-financial..What?!!It's only 14th? Where's the hell my money go? Merlin's Beard!!

As all u readers have already knew that my first-ever-airplane-trip to Perth will be on this upcoming 30th of August when everyone started to beeline towards the places where the firecrackers would be available like Dataran Merdeka, Putrajaya, Mines and on the other hand will beeline with the other colleagues for a departure towards the Roo Island..=]

I was so excited every day waiting for it but at the same time afraid if it might be cancelled so very last minute due to the project thingy, freaking out when the last balance statement from the tiger-bank stated RM800 left and worried when my housemate not pretty sure whether I can borrow his Cybershot 7.2megapixel digital camera..Shoot!!

The original plan to bring AUD300 is now just a scrap of rubble plunged beneathmy wallet. There's no way I can come up with RM900 at the end of this month. The Rm800 left is barely enough because I've decided to deposit 200 into my Tabung Haji and the other 600 as the pocket money. But, it's kinda hard now when U can only see 2 notes of Rm50 left in ur wallet while waiting the 3oth being chased by the that possible?

My sister and my dad shared their money for our house renovation. It seems so expensive, the cost of renovating ur house huh?If the materials cost..let say 5k..the charge by the contractors is almost the same amount of the money spent on the material..Now..I just knew about that.

Kinda shy to face the fact that I might only able to contribute..hmmm..500 the most?! My sister always the one being there for us. My step-sister to be exact..but the word step has long being stepped by us till it submerged into the very last layer of the earth..She always spend her money for our welfares and never complain bout it. I wish i could do the same..=[.