All the works are done!!, is the 2nd day I purposedly woke up late so that I could come to the office a bit late..sounds evil huh? But due to all the workloads have been settled by Elyani and I, there's no more work till the end of this week. Still, we will start to prepare things need to be done for next week.

Not only being late to the office, I went home earlier as well..wahahaha!! This is always how it works. As long as U finished ur job..your team leader wouldn't mind bout it. Hehehe..nice huh? Tomorrow, my friends and I will set sail..going home, Sabak Bernam to attend our dear friend's wedding and at the same time visiting our parents.

The best part is..I would be driving my sis' car back to KL at the end of the weekend. not the car making me happy, but the things I can bring from home is. I plan to bring back some banana so that I could fry them during the hungry night instead of cooking instant

Hmm..what should I do for today..I'm gonna read online manga..hehe!!

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