Tag from Omar : 6 weird things bout me?? Why I can't type the title daaa...

Huu~~. Fed up with all this testing thingy. Just wanna sneak out for a while for a personal time..hehe. Owkh..I was tagged by OmarBahrin..my buddy. Actually, I've been reading a lot of this tags from most of your blogs. I didn't expect to do one. Since I've been tagged..well here it goes.

Ok..weird means, no one does it or a very small number of people doing it?Right? I wonder mine considered weird or not. Ok...

1. I have a very great instinct ocassionally. Yaa..I know..not so weird..most of U will say the same for urselves. Ok..the proves ;

-I figure out who is my friend's niece just by knowing her name, then I just chose out of 600 people joining the assessment (PTD assessment)by her face (I tried to fit the face with the name) and it turned out to be the right one.
-I used the same way back then during my college day. I miss one class where the students have been divided to 60 groups of 6. The next class, I just chose 1 group which i didn't even know who they are becoz i chose the group based on the topic they picked. So, I just stood at the door when the lecture finished and started to fit the name with the faces (lecture hall-400 students). Then I came to her, asking whether her name is XXXXX..and she said 'yes'.


2. Sometimes or most of the time, I can control my dream. It started when I was reading-free a book on how to explore ur dream using asma'ul husna. Since then, I can control my dream ocassionally. serious shit..dapat pe tipu..hehe. When I was dreaming of a very scary dream..very scary momok..I'll turned to it..beranikan diri..then said to it
"c'mon..this is a dream right?"..then i'll chanted the kursi or i forced the dream to change to a better one.

When I dreamt of gals..u can guess how I control it..ahaha..takde la smpi tahap mimpi basah plak..but this one a bit tricky.everytime I tried to control..mesti terjaga..ahaha!!Ciss!!


3. I am so easy to cry..huu~~. Serious!! I remember, I cried so hard for a college mate whom I don't even know his name. I cried when i was thinking bout dead, family..how will I die. To add, I'll cry everytime i watch 'Saving private Ryan'..seriousss..People said.."tak hero la laki nangis"..Pedulik hape..aku hero jepun..hero jepun nangis..ahahaha!! Hero 'The Holiday' pn kuat nangis wat..

4. If I order a drink at a restaurant or mamak stall, I'll asked a bungkus one. "teh o ais limau bungkus..ikat tepi". But I'll eat there with my friends..hehe..Bungkus la banyak..I wil be so pissed off if i order a hot drink coz i want it really hot..100 degrees..not suam2 nails..that's y i bengang order yg sejuk trus. senang citer.

5. Dulu..time masih suci bersih..hehe..I always selawat..now pn selawat sll..tp tak jadi..Then, if i want something..I'll always selawat 10 times..yakin pada Allah..I'll get it.
-When i was working as pump attendant, I'll get 30-50 cent e.time customer bought the engine oil from my post. So, whenever a 2-stroke motorcycle started to coming in, I'll selawat 10 times..so that he'll buy the engine oil..yakin..then they will definitely buy them. Hehe..but i've tried it so many times. The most was 3 in a-row..Allah tak bagi kedekut.
-If I wanna meet my friend at the pekan, I'll selawat 10 times or all the way to the pekan..then I'll bump into him/her. Maklumla..dulu takde h.set nk meseg ajak kuar. But now..dh takleh..ahaha!!corrupted!!

6. I unconsciously do 'this' since I was a kid.when e.one do 'that' during their matured time. And then i just know that what i do, is 'that'..aaaa..And of course the way i do 'it' is different than anyone in the world..coz i do 'it' the way i am used to doing it since i was a kid.