Money leads to jail

That day was a very exciting day to begin with. was busy doing the same thing. From the first look, u might think that the office is a center of people with a same hobby - collecting stamps or collecting stickers. was sticking receipt, tickets etc. For the first half day before lunch, I could say that wasn't working..they work..yaa..but working for something else - preparing claim sheet..hehe..

BUt that day was a bit special for me. Do u know that u can change a torn money or a wet one, selovantaped one with a brand new money at Bank Negara. I just know bout it a month ago after reading DIana's blog. From that day, I was trying to find if I have any torned money to change it there. And the night before, I found a really torned money with selovantape e.where, a 100 ringgit note at my friend's closet together with things he doesn't use anymore. He just moved from our house.

I thought he just gave up trying to use that money at any shops which rejected and decided to just leave it there with all his other junks. I was delighted to found it and decided to bring it to Bank Negara and change it. I went there at lunch a day before yesterday. In my mind, there's only one objective "to confirm that can we really change torned moeny at Bank Negara?". If i just really wanna use it, I can try to buy things from a small shop, 7E or Hypermarket. But just because a sole intention to change the money made me went to Bank Negara.

When my turn comes, I handed the note to the staff. the staff just had a look at it, torn it more at the middle of the note and start sighing.

"May I have ur I.C?"
"Wait here yaa..this is a false money"

Haaaa?!!Oh My God!!Here I am, trying to change torned money for the first time after just knowing it about a month ago and the money is a false one. What did I do to deserve this..huhu..maybe because I didn't ask my friend bout it first before changing it??Padan muka aku. I was surely know that the officer will start asking me, where the damn hell i get the money from. theres'no other way, I called my friend to confirm bout it.

"Rasul, the torned money inside ur closet, where did u get it? I was trying to change it at Bank negara"
"Can change torned money ah?! I don't know that!!BUt that's a false money"
"Ahaha..Damn it!!I didn't i bring it here hoping I could change it, call you and ask for my piece..ehehe..but it turned out, i'm gonna be jailed for this man!!"
"Ahaha..padan muka..i got it from the customer (my friend used to work at 7E)"
"Ok la..never mind as long as I know where it comes from..I'm gonne be interrogated soon..wahaha!!wish me luck!!"

After a while, an officer called me and we sat on a room.

"How many notes do u have to change?" with a look saying I was a criminal..huu~~but I wasn't scared at all
"That't the only one I have"
"Where did u get it?"I told him bout it from the beginning
"It's simple u know..just imagine, ur friend is a drug dealer, u carried his bag, police found drugs in it..who's gonna take the blame?"
"Absolutely me"
"That's right..THis thing is a serious crime. U might get 10 year sentence for this"
"Ayooo encik..I didn't even know bout it. I came here just because I just know bout changing torned money and wanna try. Who knows it is a false one..but actually my friend's already know bout it..huuu. he even laughed at me just now"
"Do u have his number..this friend of yours?"
"ya..u can call him to verify where the money comes from"

So I tell everything bout the money. He asked where I work, my salary to see any asset to charge me with the crime which clearly nothing can be linked to it.

"I'll try to help u..u're lucky coz just starting this year, BNM will take the statement from the person suspected themselves before sending the statement to the police station for further investigation. If not, we used to take them to the police station right away"

My Allah..I was so relieved..THe statement was written by him. The officer said he's trying his best to wtite the statement which will clear me from the suspection but i can assure u all, his writing will not help at all. The way he wrote it..ahaha!! Makes me feel the chilling sensation of being interrogated by a police, in a dark room where u can only see a light in front of you..ur fingers was clipped by the playar(btul ke?)..scarrrryyyy~~~

After e.thing finished..i called my friend again to notify him that he might be contacted by the police to give a statement to make sure i'm not lying and clear the alleged crime from me..I was really terrified inside, but at the same time, I wasn't scared at all coz i know, i'm innocent and my friend can prove that.

Moral of the story..jgn cekau benda kawan sblum bgtu dia..padan muka aku..ehehee!! Tapi another wisom, anda boleh menular duit lusuh, koyak di bank negara..yaaa..sudah dipastikan boleh.