Let's finish up the work!!

I came early today. Good Hasnul..good (patting on my shoulder myself). I know the workload is now double due to all of the defects we lodged 2 weeks ago have all been fixed. Hence, I need to finish the works which has been hold back 2 weeks ago and at the same time, doing the workloads for this week which need to b finished by the end of the week.

But out of all this blues..I still need to be home sharp. Coz I need my exercise every evening playing sport. I live my life and y job healthily. Not just going to work, face all the stress and then went home to 'so-called rest'. That's not the good way to live your life. Out of sudden, U get ill..the worst, critical ill. At that moment, U'll wish u have spent more time exercising.

Yaa..Exercising doesn't mean u get rid of illness. But Allah told us to give effort before u leave the rest to Him. Ok..I need to work now. I just afraid if any of my team mate said something bout me sometimes being late (all of them being late actually=p), and going home early..well, not that early..5 minutes early..15 minutes.

The different is, when I do my work, I close all other application, not even chatting. I reply my gf's chat after I finish one of the instances and then carry on. It's better U might seem to be working less than 8 hours..but the truth is, U work more hours than the one who come sharp, go home late..but just doing other stuffs while working...right? Don't even mention the lunch time I skip so I could do my work..

Till then..back to work!!