Jiwang edition - my own story

It's been a very busy weekend. But yet a bit special, well personally for me. The guys where I play sepak takraw every evening after work (that's if i'm not dragged working overtime) have arranged a mini-league for us. The game which were joined by 6 teams grouped by a vote (cabut undi) are just the guys whom playing every usual days. The game started at 5 p.m saturday evening and the semi final was held sunday morning 9.30 a.m.

The thing is that I've planned with Cembam to ushar the sandals that were to be bought by us next week. I was planning to sneak a peek the prices around sungai wang and most of the al-ikhsan outlets. The sandal for Wawa is still the one recommended by me long time ago..n it's more towards looking for mine actually.

What an understading gf Wawa is..when she doesn't mind if we went home earlier that saturday coz i need to be at the court around 5.30 p.m. But, I suggested to went out earlier that day..around 10.30 a.m so we could spend much more time together. We didn't plan to watch movie. However we just went to Time Square and just try our luck to purchase transformers ticket that day. When we arrived at the counter, few people already lined up. There's a guy announcing from the hailer (wait..how do we spell that?) that the transformer ticket from 12 p.m to 6 p.m already sold out. So, we didn't really wanna try our luck on that which resulted us to move to the plan B, to purchase DIe Hard 4. They guy announced that the ticket for 10.45 can still be purchased (we arrived at 11 a.m) becoz the hall was still playing the advertisement.

The only problem was being in the line when it's already 11.15 at that moment, and still waiting for 2 fat guys doing..i dunno what the cipan they were doing being at the counter for too long while the other line has moved for about 5-6 people. The heck!! When we reached before the counter person, it's already 11.25 and I bet Bruce Willis has already being attacked by the villains..Hence, we just sticked to plan A, asking for any available ticket for Transformer which we already knew the answer..Sold Out!!

"How about the reserved one. When will it be released?"
"Emm..another 2 minutes sir"
"DO u mind if we just stand here waiting for that precious 2 minutes chatting with u?"
"I think that's not a problem..It would be pain in the ass to start back from the back of the line..=]"

So we waited for the 2 minutes and started to feel that we were just like that 2 fat guy showing their butts, making everybody else waiting. We were waiting for the released reserved tickets...hello..not just giggling for more than 3 minutes and ended up buying tickets which were not a released-reserved ones..weren't we?! Ok..we managed to get the ticket..a nice location and hell Booommm!! Transformer is so awesome guys!! Better watch it. Action from start to beginning, RObo jokes..Just funny when 4 big robots trying to hide themselves from the neighbours..

After the movie, we performed our prayers and started looking for my sandal. We ate and the time started to buzz me to finished the meals and heading to the court when Wawa suddenly asking "the court..how does it looks? I mean..can I sit n watch?". I'm so excited!!I really wanting to have a GF who can accompany me or watch me playing sports but not with a bored face. It's not a matter of whether I'm gonna lose or win but to share things with her.

So she watched me playing that evening. But sian dia..while she was watching the other guys playing at the one of the court, and I was just leaved her 2 seconds before it happened..The ball from the other court came straight to her and BAMM!! It hit her glass on her right temple..I walked towards her and she's already crying silently..

"sakit ke..(bodo je soalan kan)"
"Of course la"
"U didn't avoid?"
"I was looking somewhere else"
"Let me see..shhh..no scratch..see"

BUt her glass senget la..aiyoo..I sat next to her and started to fix the glass. I can be proud of it. Her glass looks perfectly normal as usual but she can still feel a bit awkward wearing it. SIan kat cembam..but the best thing..before i managed to fix her glass, she couldn't wear it. I could see her w.out her glass puas2..I love her so much w.out her glass..I like her eyes..her eyelashes..As usual..she just blushed.

"It's not that bad u know..Getting hit by the ball..coz i can stare at you"
"i can't concentrate on the game (but i won) looking at u w.out ur glass"
"eeiiii..." smbil kena cubit.
"See..I've fixed ur glass..but i think u can't wear it for about another hour"

She sat there till 7.45 p.m coz they decided to continue the last game after azan (gila btul..gelap2 main takraw). After the other win, I drove her to the surau there and asked her to wait while i went home, bathed and dressed. Then I drove her home after we had a dinner at Leha Kelfood Tman Melati. We decided to have sate kajang..but so full of people. At the restaurant, I asked her to take off her glass so i could fix the glass better as a reason to watch her glassless...Damn..I love her more..Pray for us..=].