It's been a while since my last decently typed entry posted here. I kinda busy at the time being..cewahh..The consultants started to give solutions to make sure the progress is moving side by side with the timeline given. After a serie of chasing, passing and pushing the defects, quite number of instances managed to be executed and set to 'pass'. More green icons can be seen in the test lab now. Ahahaha..enuff with the testing term.

Ok..Harry Potter's last book of J.K Rowling is seriously booming and getting a very scorching welcome to all of the readers. Having to read the last chapter of the story, after 6 editions (is it?I'm not a really enormous fan..haha!!), they get to know the ending, whether Voldemort will be killed or Harry instead. What happen after Dumbledore's death and everything. I watched the release of the book in the television. GOD!!J.K Rowling is more like a superstar singer. Only the audiences came to listen to her story-telling rather than her singing. A book makes her fofular..great deal huh?!

Jahat punya adiek Intan. She wrote a bit..well, not so bit about the book. I just read the entry at the beginning and stopped after realized that I've been seduced to read the ending before I really read it and know the rest of the finishing story..takpe..takpe..I thought I wanna buy it 4 u..but for sure u'll grab it earlier than me since u are one of the enormous fans out there.

I didn't see the book at MPH mid valley neither at Popular Amcorp Mall. My colleague said that i could purchase it at Carefour for a prize of RM69.90..offer, a great discount from it's original price, Rm120. Ya ka? I heard from the television itself that malaysian can have it at 69.90.

That's a marketing tactic maybe..And since when carefour cares to sell books, especially new edition books. SO clever ah Carefour trying to gain extra profit from it. Hmmm..anyway, I'll but it later when the heat is..well, not so hot. Might get a better deal like the previous edition, "Half Blood Prince". I managed to buy it at a price of 39.90 when my friend bought it at 79.90. Huh??Dunno la..cetak rompak ka??

Thanks to those who shared their jokes of the life to everyone by doing my tag. the rest, make sure u did it yaa..sharing is caring. HUu~~~. Other than this, I've got nothing great or exaggerating to share. Being a bit lazy to play sport in the evening like i usually do. Encouraged by the raining factor, working late..ya lor..coming late..haha!!But I came late, I didn't have my lunch If i came late half an hour, more than enuff to repay it back during my luch work..mathematically I can go home half an hour earlier..can't I?

Ok la..wanna perform my ishaq..see whether I can layan one of the DVD I borrowed from Ayman. Still waiting for him to find the 'shooter' DVD. TIll then..Jaa Neee