HappY AnniVerSary

Another personal entry bout me and my simple and humble life with people around me. Tomorrow will be our first anniversary. It has been a year since the first moment we agreed that we should be a loving couple, the first moment we thought that we should give a try on us and the first moment we decided to make US happen.

I warn you all, this entry is just about my sincere feeling towards all the days spent with my beloved one. Well, hopefully our relationship is blessed by Him and agreed by Him upon our ending. Some of u might think it’s a jiwang karat tangkap leleh nye entry. But, that’s what blog’s for right?

A year with u Najwa, is totally different from the years I’ve been with someone else. I am being myself. I’m not hypocrite before you. I said what I want, I tease when I want, I laugh heavily when I want and I really being frank as myself in front of you. Coz I know, u understand who I am, you accept who I am regardless of my history, my past and my sins.

I asked U to wake me every morning so I could perform my subuh prayer everyday. And u never neglected that responsibility (except once, when u merajuk=p). Even during ur ‘off day’ u still obediently rang me and woke me up. And I truly appreciate it.

We never argued, didn’t we? I did upset U once when U bought the bus ticket for us, and I was terribly sorry for that. I only rang U less than 10 times during this whole year, but U never whined. Coz U know, when we meet, I always make sure I could repay all the days I didn’t call you. Coz U know, love is not measured by how many times I call U.

I love u the most when U take off ur glass..=]

I love it when U just finished sipping ur drink

I love hearing ur voice every morning

I love it when U blushed every time I stare at U

I love it when U always trust me

U always resist on not taking off Ur glass everytime I asked U to.

U really are tak lawa in the picture when U smile so awkwardly..=p

U always ask me to do things for U even if U could do it Urself..(manja la tu)

U sometimes nsulked for something u weren’t supposed to

U r tembam..my cembam..Hehe..

But out of all your weaknesses, U always listen to me when I educate u, when I give reason why it’s like that and not like this when I explain to you y U don’t suppose to be angry but suppose to be thankful.

I really hope we will make it till the end. Sometimes, I so care bout u and I could see U can’t live without me..cewaaahhhh..See..I left U for a while, U got hit by a ball..=p.

I will always love U as U are and thanks for accepting me as I am. Love U always and may Allah preserve this feeling towards U everlastingly, deeply and sincerely till my last breath. Lots of love……=] .XxOOooXXxxooOO..Happy Anniversary dearie..