Gabai Edition

The steps just started to be climbed by us..That's Liz (NBG 4) and Ajak..the director on the way, ni housemate farid kamil..sapa nk kontek dia..agkt tgann!!

After days passed along the execution of scenario high priority test which really confusing due to the pioneerity of the system and many uncertainties arise during the progress. Communication between consultant, testers and analyst becomes very crucial to make sure the execution went smoothly and fit nicely within the timeline given. I started to understand the correct way to test it and I'm sure it will be a lot easier after this coz I understand how it should work rather than shooting in the dark at the beginning..hehe..Ok..enuff with all this workload crap.

Nora and her colleagues. Iza yg tak mandi pn.."I malu la..ihik!!sambil wat gaya gediks"..ahaha!!

Remember my entry previously about how my friends and I lost our way to find our friend's wedding took place? About Sg Gabai before we lost? Hehe..I've received some of the pics already. Not so many, but enuff to be placed in this very blog. Kiki..I love river. I love water. Whenever I stare at it, my heart jumps up and down longing for a dip in it..feel like wanna jump regardless on what people might think..huhu.

Sang petapa yang diuji oleh mambang air posing depannya. Cobaannn

River, stream, waterfall makes me even happier. Calm..the coldness clear water that runs along my body makes me ease and shivering at the same time. If ever u wanna go to any stream, waterfall..feel free to contact me. I will surely join U if nothing important holding me back..ehehe..

Auchh..bitchynya posing..maskulin ah!!Ahahaha!!

I am thinking to go there again or maybe some other waterfall just around the place. There's a few waterfall around Gabai area, well that's based on the signboard u see along the road..=]. Maybe teratak tekala, sg. Congkak..I never been there..hehe..Let's go my friends..I don't have car..that's y i need u..ahaha!! are some of the pics. I was waiting for that very masculine picture of mine. sapa kata i kurus..tgok gamba tu..ehehe!!Tu belum tayang body tu..ahaha!!