My own whining

HUh.... I just finished my Test cases (High priority) which I suppose to deliver today and it eases me a bit. But there's a bunch of workloads waiting for me. I really hope I can finish it asap and lend a hand to my partner...whom continuously kicked off home late everyday.

I've been thinking of this entry since yesterday..n luckily I managed to steal some time for it..It's my own lunch time ok..don't ever think I'm lazing around during working hours.

(Listening to mawi's song 'Angan dan Sedar')

It's a bit hazardous this week..suddenly i just been informed all the flows that I need to complete and all the pieces started to form the complete puzzle right now. I don't blame anyone..but I just thought that if i were to be informed earlier..I can allocate my free time after I've done my reviews and started to do the design steps..That will completely makes the work a lot smoother n relaxing.

Well, tough luck..only yesterday I completely understand the whole big picture and I was a bit dissappointed at certain things. I started to ask directly to my Team Leader for the flows and things to be done so I'm not going to do things twice, trice..or watever it called after the req. file I done with Rina. The best part is my TL seems to look down on me and keep on thinking I still dedn't catch up things here. She keeps thinking i'm still confused with all the steps. Darn!!

For ex. yesterday, I just asked to CONFIRM that I'm doing the right thing. I'm in the middle of my unit test case template and found out an identical steps inside it. I've asked my colleagues and he advised me to do all the identical's jut a copy-paste I asked directly to my TL..just to CONFIRM..again..CONFIRM. And there she was looking at me like looking at a 2-year old boy who was asked to do calculus.

They explained e.thing again..thanks..but I've already u.stand all that..Hello..I'masking something else..But..I'm a good listener. So I just listened. Then I summed up that the design step for the actual unit test will be fewer coz we just gonna upload and call the template. But right after they heard my summary..they said "still tak faham"..then they repeated again all the process that i've already know.

Then..then..I use the same summary..and then they said 'yes'..what the fuck!. That's the exact thing i said just now..See..the problem is..they just dont listen carefully to understand what i was really asking about. They just heard them. Then they think I'm slow..can't communicate well and it turns up my performance review for the project will be so bad..huh..just let it be..I'll stand against the critics as long as i could i'm right. If u know me well..u know..I always admit if i do a wrong thing.


HUh..I'm not blaming anyone instead of myself. Im new to this thing..and i need to learn a lot. But still, new..doesn't mean u always the one who wrong..right?

For those readers who know exactly bout all the terms..this is just my own personal just bare with it? U wanna said something bout it..write ur comment or u can just write ur own blog and critic me.

For those readers who don't have any idea wat the hell I bragged here..just wait the other entries which u will absolutely understand..

k..back to work!!


Lepas pd menulis entri ni..dh takde hard feeling pn kat cam diari kan..apa tulis kat semestinya aku bengang ke apa..huhu..aku positive minded..cheer selalu..yiehaa.. more towards opinion la pa aku tulis..sapa amik ati kot terasa aku lempang nak?huhu..yiehaa...jgn review nnt ancur sudahhh