The last saturday was our routine date every other weekend. Bored with Klcc, Mid Valey, sunway..too far, sogo and pertama nothing to buy so we decided to win shopping at One Utama. that's the first time we went there together. The views along the way is not bad though. Passing Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, U'll never see too many motorcycles. Almost all of them are cars..Well, Tman Tun..rich people..

Arrived there, we went straight to TGV to buy fantastic four ticket first before having our lunch. Wawa said she's already hungry. Woo..my awek ni so kuat makan recently..huwa huwa..but I don't mind at all as long as tak kembang..hehe..So after bought the ticket, Wawa suggested nasi ayam shakey's.

"Sedap smpi jilat tumit kasut woo ari tu"

After that very convincing statement, I agreed lor. Well, not too bad actually..but not so good as mentioned by Wawa. Wawa perabih my sambal..huhu..Then victor and Elly Sia, my colleagues bumped into me..Oo..scandal ah..huhu..After burping twice, we rushed to the cinema.

The movie is quite awesome..effects are fantastic just like the movie's name. The only thing disappointing me was only because i thought it might had more fighting actions against silver surfer and them. But it turned out that the silver surfer became their ally. Hmm..ok..fine. But, it's not wasting ur money to watch it. NOw..I'm so so waiting Transformers movie..huhu..Hope it's full of Kaboommm..transformm!!!Kebabowww everywhere...ahahahaha!!

THen we went to the shoe store...'belek'ing the sandals. Wawa is now so into the nike sandal which I recommended her about..emm..8 months ago? But because the price is 200..we really need to think bout it carefully..ahaha..My sandal now pn dah nk hancur. Scott mmg best, but the material only designed to really please our legs when it's dry..When it's wet..damn..not so nice..so, i'm thinking of buying the new one..Nike..the one i've been longing for so long..ehehe..

Then suddenly Wawa was holding a shoe with a pig skin lining..she put it back as soon as she looked at the label. "Alaaaaa..kulit babi..kena samak tak..?"..sambil nk pegang baju aku..

"Hieee..awek ku najis mughallazoh..jgn dekati akuuuu" (scene lari2 anak dlm kedai smbil mengelak)"wehhh..kena samak tak?!!""Arghhh..najis..najis berat..jgn sentuh akuuu"

**Mesti ada yg pk aku jahat gila, keterlaluan bila gurau kata awek ku najis mughallazoh.. Haha..yg penting dia faham aku camne. Apa yg aku cakap takde pn niat btul2 camtu. Aku tak hipokrit..camne aku depan kawan2 n korg sume..depan awek pn camtu. "lebih baik ckap buruk takde niat dr puji or ckap ayat je lebey..blakang mengata"**

Bila dh puas gelak, I asked her to wash her hand. I'm sure..there's no need to samak if both of ur hand and the thind are dry. Haha..so funny la wawa's face. After that we just walked around the mall, but not the whole area..and went home.Let's call it a day..