If ever someone wanna treats u for a free lunch, dinner or breakfast..We will surely so glad to accept it. The phrase, "of course delicious, free meh..org blanja". So, when our testing manager from Holland invited us for a dinner and of course a free dinner everyone in the team say "yes..sure..why not" in unison!! And of course the fact when a free meal as a treat from ur company, bosses or manager always more towards something some of us wouldn't dare to try due to the price. Especially for me, it's like an offer u can't resist!!Muahaha!!

The venue has been chose, an exclusive place near Crown Princess hotel. A place called 'Rahsia'. Huuu...~~. Some of us even checked out the web and browse through the menus.
After work at about 6.30 p.m, Our manager started to make sure eveyone is ready to go. "Stop ur work..do it tomorrow" while standing near my workstation having conversation with ayman. We kicked off on Marlena's car and I've already planned to leave my bike on the parking lot and went home with Ayman. Thanks to Ayman for driving me home that night.

Arrived at the place, it's getting dark..the glimmering lights with a nicely arranged decoration plants yet a very creepy surrounding makes the 'Rahsia' proudly fit it's name. We sat for a while waiting the other patrons and started to pick our dishes. And the best thing about being treated by ur manager is always having the oppurtunity to order something expensive..muahaha!! We tried their 'envy' and 'Asmara' drinks which 'envy' was ordered by Rina, the only person other than our team leader who's .married..nga nga!! I ordered barbeque lamb, while the rest ordered the lamb shank (the marlena's car group). Our manager ordered salmon, my TL and Sharleena ordered beef steak..

When the lamb shanks were served, it really was big like the thing Flinstone always carry to beat someone..hahaha!!I exaggerated it a bit..hehe..but really, ngan tulang dia..so scary la for me whom not really friendly with the fork and the knife (knife ah depa panggil?). So, the scene where everyone so focused to slice the meat from the bone begun! And the best part was when they found out that the lamb shank were so liat (apa ah english dia..help!!). Rina started to lost her appetite, Marlena still trying to eat as much as she can with all the grins came out on her face. Ayman pretended to be cool when his innerside felt like to throw it as a boomerang!!Ahahaha!!

This Is how the Lamb shank looks like. It's Marlena's leftover. Ayman's and Rina's have already being used to play badminton among them..muahahaha!!

Me? I peacefully finished my meal, same as the rest..Ayman decided to have a revenge by ordering the most expensive dessert they have. I ordered the mango after kempunan when Ayman took the last piece after he dropped his first one..Mango with ice cream which cost 6 ringgit. Konpem i won't ever order it if i pay it myself..hua hua!!

This is my mango with ice cream desert i ordered. Hehe..not so nice..wonder how it tastes. Of course pelam taste..tak manis..but still ok meh..someone's treat..muahaha!!

So, at the end..e.one weren't satisfied with the meals..Our manager couldn't pay the bill with her credit card, same goes to our TL who was trying to help due to the network problem i think which makes the swapping became unhandy. The last phrase from Rina, "take picture, write a blog bout it. Tell everyone". So here it is...Our recommendation..is not anymore secret!! 'Rahsia' tak best..wahahaaha!!!