A busy Friday but yet Interesting

Stands for : Kerja yg bertimbun2

Arghhh..i was thinking about posting an entry on this very kawaii new green cute theme..but since we have to amend the req. file again..the time has been allocated undividedly to complete the task..shite!! And the routine of Solat Jumaat makes the time to do all those craps reduced to an hour..hua hua!!I'm not saying I'm blaming solat jumaat for that!! hehehe...

Actually there's a bunch of things I wanna post here. But I just manage to cilok a bit so type this entry to announce that the Kawaiiii green theme is on!! Cute right??tgok tuan dia la..muahahaha!! So for those who have ur own favorite colour, magenta, purple, pink grey dog shit (kelabu taik anjing)..y'all just wait for ur favorite colour theme to appear in my again..KAWAAIIII..blog..huhu..

Alright..another 18 lines to go..Jaa neee...fokus!!fokus!! Hmm..Im going to put the pic above in the theme..wait till i finished editing it again..ehehe..