Today is Monday~~~~

The office is still under renovation process thus u can hear a lot of noises like drilling, hammering, chatting and also the beeping noise from the main door which they leaved it open for some reason. Sitting at my very space listening to this awful orchestra musics on monday morning makes the day sooo brilliant!!huh~~~

My weekend spent nicely except when the evening i lost my helmet. Damn. I locked it under my seat, n it's no where to be found when i was going to leave the place (taman tasik titiwangsa). will cost me another 50 bucks for a new one at least..bukan rezeki la tu kot. Huu..sedey tol.

Yesterday I went to putrajaya with Rifqan, my colleague to play ping pong at Percint 8. RM4/hour..we played for 2 hours. I'm not a regular ping pong player and the fact that i bought my own bat..the first ever bat i bought in m life seems to be classical..ahaha!! But i'm an above average player, yes I can assure u that. It really nice to have something to do and it's much better when the thing to do is sport. I didnt hesitate to wake up early in the morning to sweat myself a bit..=]