New days await!!

I've tried to post an entry yesterday. But due to some reasons which is 1) I was sitting next to my senior to observe Malysia's payroll process and China's as well, so a bit shy lor coz she can see what i was doing and 2)My Pc restarted by itself which spoiled my mood to type. So, today I've just deleted the unnecesssry drafts and type a new one.

Yes..yesterday I kinda have work to do..observing and I got a great news from my admin Aishah that I were to be assigned to a project ; Shell One Health effectively starting from tomorrow which is today. Hence, as u all can guess..I'm currently sitting at my new desk, nes place and new environment!! Allah knows how excited I am right now to be assigned to this project despite the challenges and expectations from my colleagues and team manager.

I can assure them that I'll grasp e.thing asap and try my best to be an asset rather than a liability or more precisely..a pain in their asses.

Well, a little bit about my new day and future days..I think I have 4 colleagues in my team. They are 3 Inas..Marlena, Sharlina n RIna. Aiman n I as far as I know. All of them have a very great knowledge about all this One health thingy thus they are my sifu or guardian, teacher..something like that. My project manager is Miza and the rest of the people in this office..I hardly can tell 5 of their names..wahahaa!! I'm new n raw.

And I've just had my farewell lunch just now..for a preson name Phil whom absolutely someone I don't know. Indian food..hmm.what could I say..average.

I am so excited to be one of the team here. So excited to learn things new and equipped myself with all the knowledge i could acquire that will make me one of the valuable asset in Arinso and .. u know the to waiting..jaa neee!!