Music n Life

I'm listening to "way back into love", a song from the movie Music n Lyric starred by Drew barrymore and Hugh grant. It's kinda romantic and so slow n easy it the moment i listen it during the movie. Hence, i'm listening for the 9th time non-stop since bout half an hour ago..ahaha!! That's me...i can listen to a nice song non-stop.again and again...opsss..ok,now it's the 1oth time. ahahahaa!! the 11th time. I recommend it to my colleague just now..ahaha!!

Emm..I'm still sitting at my very corner of the pantry doing my own stuffs...playing games, chatting till nothing to chat bout, watching movie and reading online comic. Hahaha!!I'm not really sure to call it heaven or not. Heaven in terms of nothing to do..but hell in terms of performance overview..yaa..i talked bout it in my previous entries..husshhh~~.'s the 12th time now. I better put some other songs in the playlist..okep..i just put Girlfriend (Avril lavigne) and another OST song from music n lyrics (Don't write me off just yet). sis asked me to come home this week. I'm still thinking bout it. There's this ceremony hold by the JKKK kampung for Mother's Day. There would be some events involving mothers and their sons and daughters. So, sis thinks maybe i can come around and make the event merrier for my mom. Not a bad idea. Showing our mom, our words towards her sometimes not only she felt hurting her in some ocassions, but it did hurt us more than she could ever imagine and we did it all because we love her. Just sometimes we think mom needs to get hold on the reality and the truth of what she did sometimes make the thing worst...

Hey hey You you!!
I don't like ur gf

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I think u need a new one...

Hey hey you you!!
I can be ur gf...