MOnday Fever

Hee..just finished my Test cases given by my mentor, Rina. Quite smooth for the first official day I start testing. It's not as hard or as difficult as I've imagined. The test cases are series of steps they ask us to try n see whether the system will do the same thing as mentioned in the test cases.

In english, u follow the steps and raise a question for any peculiar things u discovered to the one giving the test cases..=]. Then the SAP consultant will react to the comments and improvise the system to meet the req.

It was raining heavily this morning. I arrived at the office quite late. But, I've already sent sms to my project manager. ingat kita suka datang lambat ke?!!ahaha!! It's not that I can't just wear my raincoat and kick off to the office but it really dangerous guys riding in the middle of the rain with cars everywhere on the road.

I kicked off from my home after the rain has ceased. On the way to the office, suddenly there was an area which the rain still heavily falls from the sky. I quickly took off my shoes on my bike and put it under my rain coat till i reached my destination. kaki ayam je...heee..dh besa.

Along the way, there were 2 acidents. Both of them were caused by the shifting lane cars and the bike just hit them. See..I'm not making story. The brake is useless during the rain due to the slippery road. SO those drivers who are used to shifting lane carelessly will risk the bike who ciloking behind them..

At the end..I arrived safely but late..hee..ok la..PM absent..hehe