My financial Plan and the rest of the story

I've just finished blog hopping to all my favorite links just now.Some I left comments and some I just read their entries. Many of them are good writers. I envy them. Since I just finished my test cases for the day, the relief feeling comes with the passion to nag something on this very digital canvas. So, let's be it.

Days here in Shell Damasare seems to pass quite smoothly. I manage to catch up things, the word KT, IH, etc which during the first seems to be so alienating have now being a common things to me. Everything started to fit in the puzzle and make sense to me..=]. So, 'fast learner' attribute which i put in the resume all the while is not just shitty crap i came out after looking at the other's resume.

I just have lunch with my other colleagues, Zuhri, Ayman, Marlena and a special guest; Zuhri's old friend, Megat who intended to introduce us to a Prudential Takaful plan which caters ur Health Fund, Investment, Critical Illness so on so forth. Well that's from what I absorbed. The plan is so interesting and makes u think, 'my life and my family will surely be covered after i decided to practice this plan'.

I know about all these plan years before. Either under Takaful Malaysia, Prudential or the rest and I'm so interested in it. I also interested in ASB investment. Some said ASB is ribak. So, need to make sure about it. But, at this moment..eventhough i really am interested in those, I can't join any. Why?the reason is now I'm saving for my marriage. Marriage is so expensive guys!!

Want me elobrate on this?Let see. My net salary is RM1770. Yaa..I'm not that sensitive bout salary. Not a big number but alhamdulillah..ok la kan. I spend RM500 a month which makes some of my fren said.."woo..byk tu". alhamdulillah. check the figure.

Marriage fund = 500 (tabung aji ni)
PTPTN = 200 (at this moment)
Tabung aji mak =200 (kedekut pny anak kan?)
Bike installment =110
HOuse rent =100

Which left me 660. NI le amaun nk menyara idup sebulan..tayar botak la, minyak moto hiburan personal, dating (2 minggu sekali je tau) etc. So y I can't invest in any of those fund? ASB..ok..200 a month ah..kira cincai..for 5 years. takkan nk tolak dr 500 tu? 500 tu pn sethun 6 ribu je. 3 tahun br 18 ribu. Just bareluy enuff to meminang anak dara. If deducted 200..bila mau kawin daa..nk tolak dr balance 660?cam masak gak weh.sempit.

lagi satu..takleh nk kuarkan. btul tak?takkan lagi 5 tahun kuar ASB baru kawin..sian awek aku tu menunggu. Andartu lak karang..ahaha..jgn marah cembam..aku lempang kang..hahaha!! Same goes to any investment. So, the only time I'll start investing any in this Funds, is either after I married, or after i got increement..200 pn dh ok..opss..jgn la HR aku baca blog aku..ahahaha!!

Ok..this is my Financial plan..ahahahaha!!Any comments. I did think to deduct 200 from the 660 remaining balance..hmm..bole ke ek?NI blum bagi mak ayah lagi...tak guna pny anak tol la aku ni. Aku mampu balik kampung beli brg dapur..beli baja ayah camtu la lebih kurg..huu..jahanam pny anak tol la aku ni...huuuu..