In process of recuperation


That's a very long saturday I've spent..really long one. Hours of sleeping. Trying to get rid the fever. My breath was hot and the headache was a pain not only in my head but in my ass..wahaha!! And i just know that eating panadol makes u stay awake not the other way around..haha!! I shifted about 100 style, wearing the sweater, not wearing it, on the fan, off the fan...huuu~~ It was Very challenging to make myself asleep couple nights back..

If my fever keep on and off till this weekend, I'll consult any doctors to check. No offend, but It always ended up getting a look-a-like panadol pill, err..antibiotic, a yellow pill i dunno wat's dat for and a cough syrup which never sooths my throat..then RM40-45..ceehhh..I only dragged myself to the clinic coz i need the M.C..It can be count by fingers how many times i ate pills to heal my fever..