It's raining n foggy outside. Hope the court will manage to dry up so i could have my usual sweating evening with the other guys. It's fcking boring if u want me to define how i feel right now. It's already 6 months w.out nothing to do!! The moment my counselor conveyed to the group that we were to be assigned to a project at SHELL..we were fuckin excited with the news. But days passed and nothing to be heard bout it.

This afternoon my colleagues, Nizad, Zuhri, Syaz, Marlena n I went to the Penchala restaurant. The restaurant runs by Thailanese (is it correct?) and once a very place of mine to have my lunch back then when i was working at Vads TTDI. The plan was having lunch somewhere at Damansara, but it ended up having it at the restaurant after a very convincing story told by me..hehe..

Marlena n Syaz ordered Nasi Ayam, Sotong Kicap for me n Nizad shared with Zuhri a plate of udang goreng tepong n kailan goreng. I was thinking about orange juice, but unfortunately the guy said their blending machine is currently busy with something else..ahahaha!!ada pulak sebab musabab camtu.apa daa..

But at the end, everyone seems pretty satisfied with the food, the quantity and the price. But Marlena looks like on-air in the fear factor program trying to finish her nasi ayam. but she nicely finished it..good..tak baik membazir..

Well, that's my very normal routine of life in Arinso and the guys around me. Damn nice Honda Civic 2.0. Nizad's new car. Rm1300 a month..auchhh..bertahun2 lagi kot kalu nk beli..hua hua hua!! Myvi je la mampu..yiehaaa!!chiaooo