damn nothing

Monday has passed..Huh~~

I wrote something just now, but when I viewed the page after I surfed some other pages, the posting page has been navigated to the main page..shite..Now I need to start the whole thing again. No fuss, plus I only managed to write 3 lines before it was navigated.

I was observing my senior running the payroll for our client just now. At least something decent to do rather than playing game or watching movie at my place. I wonder when I would be assign to any project. The shell project which making us excited for a while when our counselor said that we were to be assigned there is now just something we still need to wait..huu~~

Owkh..I've played DOTA 3 times today. And I'll play another round soon. muahahaha!! This heaven thing has becoming hell from day to day. Have u ever experience a complete freedom, taskless n carefree job till u finally rasa nk muntah with all those "keenjoyan"..hahaha!! Well, that's how i feel right now.

Haaa~~~. SO so so so bored!!!