2nd M.C

Huuu..I'm currently on my 2nd M.C given by the doc. Remember bout my fever?Well it has been a week and half it goes on and off. The panadol didn't help. As far as I know i'm a natural self-healer, but this time it's different. The usual sepak takraw every evening to produce enuff sweat is not anymore makes me well.

Due to the concern of my sister (kak wa) and my Cembam, I went to see the doc to get prescription for my drugs and as I thought, the doc just smile and start scribbling thigs on the paper. Then i suggested him to check my blood coz my sis afraids if Denggi is coming it's way. Then, the doc's face changed and started to take notice the fact that it has been more than a week fever.

He gave me his best antbiotic and said "mahal sikit". Costed me 58ringgit and a one-day m.c as a consolation prize with an apointment to take my blood sample the next morning. I dont really like having m.c. I'm a man of reputation..

Next morning after doc took out blood from both of my hands because the left one wont fill enuff due to wat the Doc said "salur darah nipis sgt". Then another RM25 for that. In the afternoon, the staff called and informed that the result has arrived and wanted me to come again the ext morning for another blood test. I felt a hollow chilling in my belly. Ok..maybe there's s.thing wrong..aids?!hahaha!!

so this morning i went to the clinic and the Doc said my platlete counts is just 120000 which far from the normal scale of 200k - 400k. That's the reason y the 2nd blood test needs to take place. He said, if the platlete counts still so low after today test, we gonna have a picnic in the hospital coz denggi might really coming..

Huuu~~..so now im still waiting. Not feeling sad..maybe coz im confident i'm not having any denggi..hehe.still, pray 4 me ah. I'm writing my entry from my first job's office. My house blacked out!!wat to do??ahahaha!!