The lift swooshed up.. "4oth floor, going down".

I looked through the window on my way to the toilet watching those tiny cars on the crowded road..KL=traffic jam. I could see KLCC from the place i stood still and felt like i can touch the tip of it with my hand. It's a very bright day outside. The clouds look as yummy as the cotton candy.

The shine of the sun mesmerized me for a moment. It's such a long days since i can witness a very nice afternoon like this from the 4oth floor's window. It has been my habit to stop for couple of minutes, staring down and enjoy the view which in it's own way very tempting. it's not so green but yet i can see the mountains far away with the clouds on top of it.

It brings me to another dimension of my mine..peaceful.

I bet the nice weather will last till this evening so i could play sepaktakraw like usual. I managed to stay awake after subuh prayer today and done some errands. I came up with a mission..a target for this month..

skipping - 1000 a day
push-up - 50 a set
weightlifting - 40 both hands
body -lifting - 10

I'm gonna see whether i could manage to fulfill my target. I found out that the first one is the only one possible so far..and..the third one i guess..yoshhh..gambate ne..hasnul kun!!