Ur handphone and ur wallet..

Hei ya!! How's ur weekend mates!! Well, for me, it incredibly fun and wonderful. I went to P.Dickson under an event held by publisher secretariate which organized by our fellow juniors and we, alumni have been invited to join them. I would like to share it, but i haven't get the pictures of it yet. I couldn't bring my handphone to take pictures coz all of the time, i've been in the water. So, i need to wait for the pics from the camera holders and share it with u other time yes...

Hence, i think..it's better for me to do the tag which has been unobligatedly tagged by miss rafflesia merah. better than having nothing to do huh?
ur handphone and ur wallet :

This is my handphone that i use currently. Sony Ericcsson W810i. I bought it for 1000+ after so much consideration of financial situation and future situation..ahaks!! I used to dream of having one of those new-tech-handphone with cameras coz i don't have digital camera to capture all the memories when i do something..therefore, when i lost my Nokia3610 at Sungai Buloh on my way to kl from kampung (it slipped from my pocket)..here it is!!

Of course I can't take the pic of my own coz as i mentioned, the only camera i have is the phone camera..so i just pick a pic from the net..n put it here..still considered ok aint it?

And here is my 4-years-old-wallet. B.U.M Equipment. Bought it from Sogo. There's a history if it. My sister bought me one, same brand, same place but different design. But unfortunately, i lost it. So, i felt miserable and guilty n i decided to go back there again and buy a new one with the exact design but i couldn't find any.

So, i bought this one. Well in the end, my sister didn't notice it until i told her bout it. There's not so many cards in there plus u will never see credit card..ahaha!!

Alright then..there's the pics and a bit pf the story...hehe!!