>> Monday, April 2, 2007

Huu..it's 5.49 p.m yet miraculously i'm not even packing things. It's still raining outside. not so heavy but u can't see anything..just white n covered with fogs...I think just for today i would kick off home on time..6 p.m. Heee..

What do i wanna type??emm..let's se..nothing...nga nga nga!!so, how bout a nagging crap a bit before waiting the 6 coming??yaa..that's an idea i suppose bru..

o ya..i watched Mr Bean's Holiday last weekend..mmm..simple story line..with Mr Bean's original jokes everywhere in the movie..he looks older n older...yaaa.age beats everything...ngeee...

I'm facing a big problem here...there's a slight chance my family would turn out like ur family sis..just the reason is different..old guys sometimes think like moron..they don't think about the consequences...they had experience how being lonely and what loneliness would be..but yet they foolishly wanted to walk their separate way...sometimes i just wanna kick my dad's head so that he would realize everything n rise my voice to mum about how ridiculous she is sometimes..but..i'm not as jerk as that...

haaa~~~~ wat can i do..going home is not as great as it used to sometimes...



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