??....Rain again..

It was raining just now..so heavy..it looked like Kl was covered with a very thick fog..the sound of the rain dripping on the mirror making extra effect to the coldness that overwhelmed me. I can't feel my hand sometimes. It makes me wonder how am I gonna survive in the middle of places where the snow falls...i might getting frostbites everywhere the second i step into those snowy place..don't even think about the arctic. I would surely be frozen death right away!!

It was raining as well yesterday evening. I went home..trudged along the slippery road cautiously and undividedly focused on the road. fully awared and worried at the same time if any cars would come out of nowhere, changing lane..that would be a check mate for me. The brake woon't make me stop..BAMMM!!I might get killed.

The engine suddenly stopped when the water started to wet the spark plug and the engine. I couldn't run the engine again for a while. I know the wet spark plug was the culprit so I stay calmed, shivering and pushed my bike at the middle of the rain to the nearest place i could have a shed.

A mid-age guy stopped next to me and offered me a help..

"U think u might wanna help to push ur bike?what's wrong?"
"Ooo..nothing. The spark plug is not functioning. Wet.."

So he pushed me by his bike just for about 20 meters and i stopped under the fly-over.

"I think i would be fine..wipe the spark plug dry..and i can continue my ride..thanks a bunch"
"Ok..no problem.."

I wiped the spark plug carefully and there it goes..the engine started running again. Singing all the way home feeling hungry, cold and weirdly happy..but i ended up selawat all the way home coz i think it would be better. an angel (malaikat) for every drop of the rain..y shoud i waste the moment right??