J-Card Day

The function to create a new entry and composing has been irritatingly nyebbeli silet for the past 5-6 entries...i dunno y..but the spacing wasn't seems to be the exact way it suppose to work..making it hard and everytime i posted those entries, i need to use the 'edit html' function and adjust the spacing accordingly by myself..

Better works this time..ok..now i'm checking.............ok..the spacing is working..gonna see what happen till i finished my last word.

Btw, today Wangsa Maju Jusco is holding their J-Card day there..so, i think i might drop by after work to find some shirt for my sister's birthday this upcoming 7th April, ah and another present, maybe a book to my other sister for her birthday this upcoming 10th April..ops..owkh..another present for my brother also for his birthday this upcoming 20th April..waaa..sengkeks...three of my siblings were born in the same month..huuuu...

Let see..i need to buy ;

1)Nivea Deodorant
2)Fiqah shirt
3)Biba's present
4)Dettol shower gel (sensitive skin)
5)trouser..suar slack..black one

alright..that's the must. i don't think i'm gonna buy anything for my brother..well..it's a guy thing u know...he has his own girlfren..his gf gonna buy something for him..it's a bit awkward to buy something for ur brother..or is it just me??huhu..!! I would grab anything which i consider the price are far much cheaper than it used to.

It's gonna be hell crowded, long queues regardless there are more than hundred cashier counters. I've been to J-card Day once at O.U..seriously cramped..plus, Wangsa Maju jusco is not that big..gonna grab wat i need..fast n quick..no girlie-not-this-not-that-maybe-that...wahaaha!!no offence girlsss!!

oo..lastly..i've been listening to some songs which it has been on air, in the radio quite a while but i just start to listen to them couple days back..i'm the kind of guy who once fall in love with a song..gonna listen to it until muak..then move to other song. ok..currently these are the songs :

1)Aca Sepatriasa - berdua lebih baik
2)amy mastura - Cinta
3)Ella -rama-rama
4)Ella - sekilas cinta
5)Bleach opening song - Rolling star
6)Lilly Allen - Friday night

n i play them on and on....