"Waa..u look like Chow Yuun Fatt ar today..i just realize it"
"Haa..coz my hair style ah?"
"Yaa laaa"

-A brief conversation with Alicia, my office mate who sits just next to me at the other small round table-

I'm a motorcyclist..i wear helmet. so every morning, i just put the gel on my hair, stroke my hair to the back of my head coz when i wear the helmet..any other style will just messed up the moment i take off my helmet everytime i reached the bike park. That means, it's just a luck how my hair looks like after that. If the style is still firmly like the way i combed it..quite nice. Otherwise...it just another definition of a mess..ahaha!!


Owkh..i just came back from the empty office which were to be our new additional office space. A ping pong table or should i call it a table-tennis table came out from no where. And it has been a new activity for us the staffs which currently in 'on-the-bench' mode to fulfill the 8-hour-office days..hehe=]. Some of us bought the bats and we play it anytime we want.

It's been hell of fog out there and it's raining kinda heavy..Definitely no takraw-hour for this evening i assumed. huh~~.opss..i'm not sighing because of the rain, coz that's bad isn't it? I'm sighing for an extra O2 after a dummy match with my colleague..hehe..
Uh..i just watch the 300 movie just now..of course a copied one from my friend's hard disk..so moving...irresistable..with an environment of war..they make it like u are watching a moving comic..so nice..the sound effect..the war-art..makes me wonder how great our beloved prophet Rasulullah S.A.W, being a great worrior, a leader..swinging his sword to defend ad-Deen from the islam enemies...my heart boiling for a while...