I woke up at 9...and realized i'm gonna be usual..but this time it's different coz the office..the 2 lots we bought are currently under construction and our manager a.k.a our big boss will always pop-up out of nowhere to check the if i come late today..and bump into one of them..goshhh..hazardous..ahaha!! What? It's raining at my place and it just stopped about 8.50 just now..that's y i slept's true..!!I'm not making it up!! Asked the weather channel!! the end..i reached at the office safe and eyes..=p

The ping pong table has been removed to nowhere to be found. Therefore, the ping pong bat that i bought weeks ago..needs to wait for Allah knows how long before the company accidentally signed an invoice for a new, our own table...which from my personal won't happen. more ping pong.

I'm currently watching Entourage, the TV series and I'm watching the 3rd season now. Kinda cool. It's about a Hollywood superstar life (Vince Chase) with all the glamorous style, chicks everywhere and how his friends being his co-workers (i learn this word yesterday) and he has his own principal. Any of u watch it??It's not so ecchi if that's what u thinking bout it right now..=]

It's off day for government today..the parking lot seems so vast and the road seems like it leads to K.selangor from Sabak bernam..U can see that the highway has 5 lanes which during the ordinary seems like 2 and makes u thinking zillion time "should i buy a car and drive it to work"!! But that's how it is and always is..Malaysian has been voted for the most-crazy-for-car citizen across the globe.

Hmmm...Lately I'm so concern about my career journey. If u follow or followed up my blog and the entries here, u can 'see' how nice my job terms of doing nothing all the day, come late and home early..but in terms of career's kinda nothing. My group has 5 people with respective countries for everyone of us to familiarize, get grasp on how to run their payroll system. But it's not so intriguing when the only thing we need to do is observing it while the senior runs it. We gonna be the backup person-in-charge for it. The thing is..that's the only thing assigned to us for these 6 months on-board...nyaaa..where's the experiences..what can we put in our company-resume to make the management impressed and decided to give a raise to any of us!! Huu~~~..just wait n see..I've a plan..heee..

I think i'm gonna swimming the whole weekend...=]