>> Friday, April 13, 2007

Another last office-day of this week fill with nothingness rahter than a busy officework..for some certain extents, i wish i don't have to do any work for the rest of my life..coming to the office just to check ur email, reading the funny forwarded emails..blogging and copying some movies from ur colleague's hard disk...

But at some's getting so bored till u might vomit with words of 'bored' splattered everywhere..U might wanna ask the management, ur manager whether is there any job u can assist or any job they can assign u to and u might wanna think if u just doing nothing for the whole year, will u get increment for ur salary....


some of us get an email from our HR suggesting them to apply leaves for those who are on the bench and not being assign to any projects..ahaha!!'s better coming late and going home early..wahahaha!!

We might going home earlier today..right guys????derishishishishishishsishi...


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