Family Hours


It's been about 5 days since i surfed my last internet session here at my very round-table-at-the-pantry office space..I took my A.L last friday and i had my I.L (illegal leave) yesterday. I planned to kicked off from home sunday evening..but apparently, I miss my grandma and since my grandma is staying at my auntie's house at that moment..i decided to visit her sunday night..which makes me to decide whether i have to kicked off from home sunday early morning to the office or just illegally absence which you all knew the answer by now..I chose illegally absence!!

Yaa..I know..that's evil..bad thing. yaa..i admit, i shouldn't do that..but the hell with it..ihiks!It's emergency case. Family matters right..hehe..but please don't try this at ur office guys!!ahaha!!u might get caught and asked to give a-month-notice..but still..thanks Allah, the management wasn't looking for me yesterday so i come to the office today like fuss..heee..


I took A.L on friday coz I was going to kuala nerang to fetch up my sister. She just finished her matriculation in accountancy..attained 3.8 for the first sem and there was kinda graduation day that day which totally awful, mismanagement and pain in the ass. The names announced with such a long gap for 500 students and all the parents outside can't wait for the event to end so they could just escorted their children to their rooms and pack up things.

I asked my sister to just leave the event after she received hers but she said the teachers would be pissed and angry. and i said, "listen gendut..u have nothing to do with them after this..u already graduated from just leave this place, packed ur things and for Allah's sake we have lunch at a colder place!!". so we kinda leave illegally like the other parents which have the same opinion as me.

I drove this time coz my sis broke her left palm bone..i don't know what we call it and mom can't sleep if it was my father driving. Got a bit backache..but a mild one.


Days spent at home was pretty nice. Mom and Dad just talking like usual. I just wonder why on earth they can't just being like this forever so that their children can come home in peace without all those earthbreaking conflicts which one of them is the cause of my sister's broken palm..It was disastrous that sister going berserked when dad scolded and bloodlusted right in front of her face for something which not her fault. All the wounds, the deep heartbroken, the angers contaminated in her heart exploded!! patience has it limit..hasn't it??

But when i ws home last's in the right mood. Mom with her new passion of planting rozell..makes jam and cordial from it and even dreams to sell it and makes money out of them. Dad with his new-bought secondhand car. A red Iswara year 199??..dunno. So..things seem to be nice and smooth right now. But dad sometimes try to get some quality time alone with me talking bout mom did this..did that..didn't keep the promise..wanna divorce..which i think the divorce is just a crap which any of them would be really regret if it really happened...haaa..i have a full knowledge about marriage i think..ahaha!!

Better stop for now..i have a design to do for my friend's blog. Owkh..maybe i could share some pics for my weekend..enjoy it :
1)gamba seorg ayah mithali in the future..hehehe..prasan sikit takpe kan..
2)huh..usaha mencium sepupu yg berlagak taknak kat orang..hambik kauuuu!!

3)Ni nenek aku n cucu yg sgt disayangi...nenek urut2 sbb tgn nenek sgt kuat dan berletrik..sakit..aku tahan je..wahahaha!!
4)Ni la sepupu aku yg mata nye bulat n besar..nurul miftahul najiha..aksi slps idung kena picit..hnssfff..hnnsssfff...

Oh..yeah..i've uploaded a nice video..check this link out :

**sikit je aku amik gamba upanya..dik..nk singgah segan..ahahaha!!**