Why it's just 3 candies?

Ok..b4 i start with the entry with the given title..the pic above is the exact design a.k.a bground for this very cute blog of mine..When i was at the cybercafe last nite watching my friend filled up the graduation form, i asked him to check my blog..n then i realized..the monitor was set to..i dont know..maybe 1024 x 768 pixels..then i could only saw my cute yet fierce shark eating the bunnies..and only a part of that kawwaii gal's hand shooting..no wonder rafflesiaMerah's comment "sbb tgn yg menembak tu tgn aku"..becoz she could only see a part of the hand..so, just to make it clear how cute the bckground is..hehe..it's just like the pic..=]. the laptop i'm using is set to 1440 x 900 pix..heee..=].

I woke up early..at 6.10a.m..well, for me it's early ok..the reason is because i dreamt something kinda funny and woke up at the end of it..

ok..I dreamt..i was back then at the SUA canteen..my secondary school. And i was looking at 2 makcik kantin..which one of them was Fizah's mom (sis..i bet u still remember fizah's mom working as makcik kantin) and the other one, i didn't recall her face. they both incharged of the drinks section n i was about to buy the coca cola when suddenly fizah's mom started to talk to me..

"U wanna hear a riddle hasnul" (well, fizah's mom knows me)??


"there was this one boy..he had 40 cent with him..4 coins of 10 cent. 2 of the coins was damaged..like eaten half by nikel-eating-monster...n he went to buy candies with those 40cent..the shopkeeper handed him 3 candies.."

"then the boy asked.."why i only get 3?". so hasnul..why did he only get 3 candies?"

After a brief moment i started to reply in the dream.

"It's because the candies cost 40cent for 3 pieces...or..the shopkeeper not so kind enuff to accept the damaged 2 coins and decided to take it as 10 cent for 2 coins..which make them worth 30 cent only..n the candies cost 10 cent each..that's y the boy only get 3 candies"

"But wait..i think there's something missing with the clue right makcik?how much the candy costs each?"

n then i just woke up from the dream, checked my watch..n it's 6.10 a.m...its kinda funny..hehehe..why on earth riddle comes into my dream..give me something else devil would ya next time..something more amusing..ehehehehe!!