It's March..n I like March..ehehehe..yaaa..my birthday falls in this month..n so the others. My best friend..or should i say my once-best friend, Nolly's birthday..(her bf kinda really pissed with the friendship i have with her..)Abe Mawie..n the rest..

It really is interesting eventhough i'm not really sure if i would be able to remember that wat?today is mawi's bezday..??n forget to send any wish..hehe..so like me..i'm really bad with memories..i mean..in some situation..but i'm really good with memories..in a different kinda situation..ahahaha!!

Well, did i mentioned i just came back from my momma's hug..kampung..heee..a very short one. My sister n I rode a bike home on saturday morning n came back here sunday afternoon..hmmm...just a brief visit to mom and dad. Yaa..mom and dad and also Fiqah, my youngest sis still with their LUXOR league..they have their own account...MOm's like..level 9-4?, abah..level 8-7?ahaha!!but they really are enjoying the game.

the best part was when my mom was playing and struggling to clear all the colourful ball and at the same time keeping them away from the hole and also collecting the stuffs fall down ocassionally after the line of colours were matched...then..GAME OVER!!


Aaaaahhh??We siblings gasped together hearing the word came out from my mom's mouth..ahahaha!!dunno ur mom..but my mom..she didn't even finished her primary school..economic condition..but yet the word came out from her mouth spontaneously..hahaha!!guess her children always use it in front of her..then we all laughed together..priceless...

Andd..oh yaaa..I've already decided..100% percent sure..i'm gonna stick with the current design and background..my heart keep saying "it's so cyuuuteeeeee..." everytime i was thinking about a new theme..hehehe..